2017 Grenache

Ingmar Bergmans 1957 masterpiece, the one we call Wild Strawberries, was titled Smultronstället in the original Swedish, which translates more to the wild strawberry patch. A small distinction, perhaps, but it turns out that idiomatically to a Swede, the title signifies a sort of underrated, very special place. Now, not only does the 2017 Grenache have an unmistakable streak of wild strawberry flavors -- heady, tart and delicious -- but perhaps theres a message about Grenaches place in Dry Creek Valley as well. Long in the shadow of Syrah, it may very well be that this grape, the soul of the Southern Rhone, loves our wild swings of day and nighttime temperature, our gravelly soils, and long growing season. While perhaps not as profound as any Bergman film, it is similarly dense and demanding: difficult to grow and difficult to vinify, with lots of tannin to tame. Weve had it planted for 30 years, and just starting to feel like weve learned a few things. Perhaps a movie and wine pairing is in order.

100% Grenache
14.1% Alcohol
TA 7.5 gm/L
pH 3.38
Total S02 - 50 ppm

Grapes are certified organic (CCOF).
Fermentation is initiated spontaneously without the addition of
commercial yeast or malolactic bacteria.

Bottling Date: 12/19/18
Release Date: 03/20/20

Cases Produced: 362
Aging Potential: 5-7 years from vintage


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