2018 Grenache

In 2018, to achieve more complexity from our heritage Grenache vines, we set out to experiment a little more with our vinification techniques. First off was the inclusion of one-third whole bunches, stomped underfoot, in our open-top tank fermentations. Then, two of the three lots received a fraction of Mourvedre for co-fermentation, to tame Grenaches sometimes-rough tannin by offering up the color compounds abundant in the Mourvedre for a kind of molecular synergy. Finally -- throwing the scientific method of controlled experiments to the wind -- the wine was left to macerate on its skins for a few weeks post-fermentation, with the counterintuitive goal of further smoothing out tannin by allowing it to resolve in the presence of the skins. The resulting wine is an exciting new direction for Grenache at Preston: beautiful, complex aromatics of strawberry compote and mixed berries are accented by savory botanical notes and madagascar vanilla. The palate is framed by just enough acidity, and a distinct minerality which adds an extra dimension to the wild strawberry and herbal flavors.

96% Grenache, 4% Mourvedre
13.8% Alcohol
TA 5.5 gm/L
pH 3.78

Grapes are certified organic (CCOF).
Fermentation is initiated spontaneously without the addition of
commercial yeast or malolactic bacteria.

Bottling Date: 12/19/18
Release Date: 03/20/20

Cases Produced: 362
Aging Potential: 5-7 years from vintage


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