2020 Madam Preston

Necessity is the mother of invention -- Wikipedia presents a dispute over who said (or insinuated) it first: perhaps Aesop, in the The Crow and the Pitcher, wherein pebbles are added to a narrow-necked pitcher until the water inside rises high enough for the crow to drink; or perhaps Socrates in Platos Republic, when discussing the organization of the ideal city and realizing he and his cohort may have gotten ahead of themselves, says something like [the citys] real creator, it appears, will be our needs.
Here at Preston, our needs were to make a Madam Preston from the 2020 vintage consistent with years past, but, without dwelling on it, a few of our later-ripening white grapes were victims of smoke taint. Our invention? The worlds first Viognier/Assyrtiko(!)/Grenache Blanc blend, with a small amount of Roussanne and Marsanne for measure. (The Assyrtiko is from Greece, just like Aesop and Plato: a good sign.) The wine is effusive and floral on the nose, with familiar notes of white peach, orange honey, lavender and honeysuckle. Assyrtiko asserts itself on the palate, with a distinct lemony note and zesty acidity that cuts through the roundness of the Rhone varieties. We just may be on to something. -GH

Grapes are certified organic (CCOF).
Fermentation is initiated spontaneously without the addition of
commercial yeast or malolactic bacteria.

60% Viognier, 17% Assyrtiko,
14% Grenache Blanc, 5% Marsanne, 4% Roussanne
13.9% Alcohol
TA 5.4 g/L
3.34 pH

Cases Produced: 450
Aging Potential: 3-5 years from vintage
Retail Price: $36


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