2017 Roussanne & Grenache Blanc

58% Roussanne
42% Grenache Blanc

Unfined & Unfiltered

12.8% Alc / 750 ml
TA 5.8 g / L
pH 3.65
Total SO2 59 ppm

31 Cases Produced
32 USD Retail

September 3 4 2017

August 16 2018

October 1 2018

Skin and co-fermented in macro bin and stainless steel tank.

Aged in stainless steel barrel.

Nan and Brian in Bed, New York City, 1983, Nan Goldin

Shiro plum, baked apple, nectarine, cinnamon stick.

Firm and focused with a lengthy finish.

At three in the afternoon, a woman in a red swimsuit walked into the sea and began swimming toward a pale blue rowboat. The boat was just a dinghy of a thing; not hers, yet, with her arrival, serenely seized. She lay across the center bench and crossed her ankles on the rowboats wooden rim. There was security in the organized lull of a buoyed boat, and the womans body made a midline between sky and sea.
The day was cream-colored, coral textured, so bright it could be gulped. Earlier, in the vine-thick hills above the shore, an improvised lunch had been devoured: smoked trout with rye crackers, pears and a marigold-hued elixir, hard cheese with halved radishes. A proper picnic could commandeer an afternoon, could turn a day over, knocking schedules on their sides.
At quarter past four, a plane passed above, its lopsided, sonar song startling the woman awake. In row eleven, a passenger whod requested his window seat months ago watched a tiny red speck in a sea of pale blue diminish until it was no longer visible. Unseen, the woman dangled a hand in the water.

Airyka Rockefeller is a San Francisco-based artist, photographer and creative consultant.


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