2017 Sauvignon Blanc

100% Sauvignon Blanc

11.8% Alc / 750 ml
TA 6.8 g / L
pH 3.36
Total SO2 49 ppm

50 Cases Produced
28 USD Retail

August 21 2017

August 14 2018

October 1 2018

Fermented in amphora and stainless steel barrel.

Aged in amphora and stainless steel barrel.

White Lines Square I, 1966, Josef Albers

California bay laurel, orange rind, powdered sugar donuts, passionfruit.

Bright and textured with a subdued richness.

A mom put two children to bed after reading endless stories and answering multiple questions designed to prolong the bedtime process. Tired, she retreated to her living room where her friend waited patiently to crack open a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc they had been asked to write about.
"After today, its not going to be hard to impress me. Did you just taste apricot? I think I did. Have you ever seen a tantrum like the one we witnessed today? I mean, the spectacle of it allno one tells you how motherhood takes such a toll on your dignity. This wine is exactly what I needed."
"Yes, it has a bite. In a good way, not like the bite my toddler inflicted on me yesterday when I told her that no, the moon is NOT a cracker in the sky. Its more of zing than a bite. Can you say zing in a wine review and maintain your dignity?"
"Can you imagine being a mother without the promise of a glass of wine at the end of the day? I mean, its not hyperbole to say that this wine is making me feel more human with every sip."
"More human with every sip. Zing!"

Danielle Smith is a writer and arts advocate in San Francisco.


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