2016 Syrah & Viognier

Syrah Viognier
94% Syrah
6% Viognier

alcohol: 13.1
TA: 7
PH: 3.47
total SO2 : 59

cases - 512
price- $34

Picked on 8/17/16, 8/18/16, 8/21/16

bottled: 5/31/18

released 3/25/19

Fermented whole-cluster in macro bin.

Aged in a combination of 90% neutral and 10% new french oak

Golden Mirror (Goldener Spiegel). Sigmar Polke 1992

Black licorice, dehydrated fig, cherry pie filling, dried wildflowers.

Vibrant and fruit-focused, with a medium grip and long finish.

When I received the invitation to contribute to P|Ks non-traditional tech sheets, I initially misread the prompt to write on their new Syrah as one to write on Syria. I instantly understood my mistake, but before accepting the task, this parapraxis lingered as a challenge and prompt. What might it mean to write about Syria in relation to wine in 2019? Or, if not write about it directly, have it in the back of ones mind? I couldnt exactly shake the thought. Not because I wished to willfully misuse this particular textual space, but because the thought simply stubbornly wouldnt leave my mind.

Instead of attempting to address topical politics and draw particular conclusions, I thought it better instead to advance a more abstract proposition: as one proposes a toast. I might offer this occasion of glasses raised to collectively mull how very much of human experience can be understood in terms of figure/ground relationships: from something as specific as the taste and distinction which attend the enjoyment of a special mouthful of wine, to those things much larger and more fundamental, like the range of human experience between pleasure and pain.

Apropos thereof, perhaps we might consider how the memory of the bad can enhance the embodied experience of the good, and make it more complex through empathy and compassion. Maybe in this way, Syria and Syrah could in fact belong together in some oblique and non-instrumental way in this text and on your occasion: in a moment of reflection and perhaps even prayer.

JORDAN KANTOR is a San Francisco-based artist.


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