2017 Sauvignon Blanc & Viognier

88% Sauvignon Blanc
12% Viognier

Unfined & Unfiltered

11.8% Alc / 750 ml
TA 6.0 g / L
pH 3.48
Total SO2 58 ppm

11 Cases Produced
28 USD Retail

August 21 2017

July 30 2018

October 1 2018

Fermented in macro bin and stainless steel tank.

Aged in stainless steel keg and glass carboy.

Untitled (Clear Torso), 1993, Rachel Whiteread

Fennel frond, fresh turmeric root, pasture grass, lemon custard.

Deceptive complexity, fun and lingering finish.

She touched her face absently. She felt light-headed and light-bodied, and wanted all sorts of things from moment to moment. Her hair was messed up and her shirt was outside her pants and she looked beautiful, and she looked wild.

The celebration began with the ringing of a bell. To enjoy the wine, we sat at the same table where we eat all of our meals.

She kept feeling things whose meaning escaped her.

She smiled, looking at me.

"Wet," she said, "you could say wet."

I found it easy to meet her eyes, and I felt my face blush.

"Apples," she said - "grapefruit-"
Her gaze delighted me, with its hardness; I made the pause that means "go on -"
"It touches different parts of the mouth," she said.

The name for our ritual, this sharing of wine: its the same in all languages: "Hi, my love."

Davina Semo is an artist living in San Francisco.


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