2016 Viognier & Sauvignon Blanc

75% Viognier
25% Sauvignon Blanc

Unfined and Unfiltered
12.9 % Alc
TA 5.6 g/L
pH 3.5
Total SO2 21 ppm

8 Cases Produced
26 USD Retail

August 24 - August 25 2016

September 25 2017

March 3 2018

Skin and co-fermented in macro bin and stainless steel tank.

Aged in stainless steel keg for 12 months. Malolactic fermentation occurred naturally.

Light honey to light caramel.

Meyer lemon, sweet red pepper, yellow apple, almond, nectarine.

Broad acidity backed up by green tea-like tannins.

Bringing the first glass to your lips is that moment before you first step into the gallery space, knowing little about the exhibition beyond a passing mention from a colleague about traditional materials. Your expectations tempered, you anticipate a group exhibition; a salon-style hang full of figurative, deeply-saturated oil paintings by dead European men. Instead, that first sip evokes the pleasant surprise of stepping into a sharp and satisfyingly cohesive show from an emerging artist collective. You find yourself immersed in a site-specific installation featuring massive blocks of wood and stonethe most traditional, most ancient of materials, renewed and redefined for the current moment. Overwhelmed by their mere presence, you cant quite figure how these materials manage to share the space so gracefully, without the threat of sabotaging one another. Its then that you realize the most successful exhibitions refuse to rely on old master traditions or youthful bombast alone.

* MIXED USE Is a nomadic curatorial collective comprising Amanda Schneider, Jessica Shaefer, and Francesca Sonara.


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