2016 Viognier & Sauvignon Blanc Pet Nat

*Pétillant Naturel

75% Viognier
25% Sauvignon Blanc

Unfined and Unfiltered
12.4 % Alc
TA 5.5 g/L
pH 3.6
Total SO2 ~ 5 ppm
(naturally occuring)

21 Cases Produced
28 USD Retail

August 12 + August 15 2016

August 26 2016

September 13 - 14 2017

March 3 2018

Skin and co-fermented in macro bin and stainless steel tank.

Aged in bottle.

Light caramel to medium golden honey.

Apricot, orange slice gummy candy, almond, French bread.

Off-dry sweetness with slight tannic grip.

As the tiniest of bubbles fill your mouth with a silent percussion, you suddenly imagine yourself in a house you have known all your life. In your minds eye, you walk, glass of golden wine in hand, as a series of previously-unknown rooms reveal themselves, one by one. Theres a staircase leading down; you follow it, finding that what was once the basement of a prairie Queen Anne is now a succession of descending apartments facing the sea, with fresh wood floors, ancient whitewashed walls. You think, I could live in these rooms, and write books. Sleep long and well. On an imaginary breeze, the smell of ripe pears, or maybe apricots, rises and then fades.

* Maria Porges is an artist, freelance writer and Assoc Professor at California College of the Arts.


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